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About Us

We Are A Team Of Passionate & Dedicated Marketing Professionals



ROCWWA is a 360 Marketing Agency in Houston providing full service marketing services. When we say ‘360’ it means that we have the expertise and the capability to handle all aspects of the advertising process which, by the way, changes constantly. Our strategy is to approach the targeted public by involving and surrounding them through different media and delivering the desired message in an effective and subtle way. We are experts in media acquisition, video production, direct marketing, logo and name creation, slogans, staff recruitment (based on the project), printing coordination, strategic planning, creativity and production, which you won’t have to search for outside professionals while organizing and producing your marketing campaigns because if you choose us to work for you, everything you need will be approached.


We have been around in the marketing world long enough to know that venture into the market with a new product, service or brand can be risky and challenging. We combine creativity and research expertise with our client’s input to develop projects and campaigns in the proper way, one’s that are appealing to any specific public. We can save you time of creating your own campaign, providing market and industry expertise by increasing revenues and improving any brand’s recognition.


To survive in the long run, businesses must have a proper plan and consistently implement it, always keeping an eye on new and upcoming trends , otherwise, any business can fall behind and be overtaken by their competition. When a company wants to enhance its profitability, the best and wise choice is to turn into a full service marketing agency to plan out and implement the right kind of marketing strategy. So, here we are! We’ve been helping businesses to succeed and develop their full potential through exposure and unique marketing plans for many years. We can assist any kind of company or business with customer acquisitions and brand optimization, approaching new products, services, ideas and brands and driving incredible results.

Luis ROC

ROCWWA Founder & CEO


Eloy Giles
SEO Expert

Petroleum Engineer turned Digital Marketing Consultant. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization strategies. I enjoy reading, sports and learning about Digital Marketing, I´m founder of Marketing Médico.

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Jesus Vargas
Hosting Manager

Pityful a rethoric question ran over her cheek, then she continued her way. On her way she met a copy.

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Sarahí Arizmendi
Administrative Assistant

I´m responsible for planning, organizing & implement hiring, billing and quotation activities for ROCWWA. I ´m also the primary point of contact for our clients in Mexico. I enjoy listening to music and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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Fernando Gabriel
Sr. Programmer

Informatics Engineer with a passion for Coding. I specialize in Web Applications & UX, love to take on new challenges and learn new technologies and programming languages to keep my skills up to date. I enjoy videogames & music.

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Carla Méndez
Social Media Manager & PM

With a Bsc in Communication + MsC in Marketing from the Anáhuac Norte University, I´ve worked in marketing projects for several industries including: videogames, retail, logistics & editorial. I love swimming and enjoy super heroes movies.

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Samara Toledo
Sr. Web Designer

Pityful a rethoric question ran over her cheek, then she continued her way. On her way she met a copy.

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