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Many people think advertising and marketing are the same thing, but the truth is they are quite different concepts, both essential to any business. Understanding the difference between advertising and marketing is very important to ensure you give due attention to each. Marketing refers to the strategies and preparation you do to get a product or service ready to sell, identifyung the target costumers for your products, while advertising refers to the process of actually promoting your product or service to the marketplace.


Through our Media Advertising Services, promotional campaigns can be communicated through numerous venues, including television, radio and the internet. We can work with any size budget to maximize your exposure. We know how to approach media in a simple and yet powerful way, always collaborating closely with our clients, checking, reckeching and refining details to optimize campaigns at every possible opportunity.


The world is one constant connection. We have smartphones, tablets, computers, smart watches and even smart glasses. Information is available everywhere we turn and look, that’s why it’s extremely important to decide which sources are credible for the public. We know the traditional and digital world like the palm of our hands, utilizing digital techniques while helping your traditional public relations tactics. On the other hand, TV and radio advertising are often an obvious and effective choice for marketers to get their message in front of their target audience again and again. You name it, we’ve done it!


The successful implementation of media strategies is the core of any media advertising campaign. There are endless options:


Traditional and Digital Media – Television & Radio (Cable & Broadcast, National & Local, Spots, etc.), Print (newspapers, Trade & Consumer Magazines, Wraps, etc), Outdoor/Out-Of-Home (digital and static bulletins and posters, bus, transit & theater, etc).


Digital/Online: Email, Banners, Blogs, Wallpapers, Mobile, Social, Navigation Sponsorships, Intro Messages, Home Page Takeovers, Text, Custom & Channel Content, Roadblocks, In-Unit Video, Coupons, etc.


Advertising campaigns also evolve over time for many different reasons. Once your brand and products/services are in the market, how to effectively advertise and promote them is something that should constantly be re-evaluated and updated.


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